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New Colors for 2010

March 11th, 2010 at 7:25 pm

Finally, most of the snow has melted and it is time to think about SPRING!  It's time to freshen up your decor and try something new.   One group of new colors  being shown in the latest home fashion magazines is a combination of bright cheerful and gold, combined with a dark green color.  Aunt Jennie's Attic has a display to give you some ideas on how you might accomplish this in your own home.



Included in the picture are flower arrangements in orange and gold tones, a Frankoma planter in orange flame color, gold colored glass from Virginia Glass Company, a unique cookie jar with  a wrapped handle, Carnival glass by Fenton, and electric candles in rustic holders.  A Mexican feather picture of a tropical bird fills in the background. The table runner by Theanna ties it all together and adds the dark green color to the palette.  All of these items are available in Aunt Jennie's Attic.  Email me for details and costs.

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