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What's New in Aunt Jennie's Attic

September 13th, 2009 at 2:34 pm

Aprons, fall decor, and new pottery are among the items arriving this month in Aunt Jennie's Attic.  Antique and vintage items also include milk bottles, an antique medical sterilizer, root beer "cones", and vintage linens.

Aprons:  Besides a number of antique and vintage aprons, we now have a group of aprons made by JoEllen Reasoner.  They include mother-daughter styles, full aprons of various fabric styles, and "real tree" designed fabric for camping and outdoor cooking in adult and children's sizes. 

Fall Decor:  Fall arrangements, wreaths, wall hangings and garden flags will add color to you fall decor.  You will also find new autumn angels, cute scarecrows, and a variety of pumpkins to decorate your home. We also have some very unique old jack o'lanterns for those who collect vintage Halloween decorations.

Pottery:  New pottery from Jepson Studios includes sophisticated black and tan patterned pieces and a group of items with a wild horses theme.  If you love horses,  you will love this pottery!

I will post pictures soon in the gallery.  If you have questions, find our email address on this website.

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